Palazzo Arzaga & the Castles of Lake Garda

Castles of Lake GardaThe Garda is also a land of castles that mark towns, villages in the surroundings of the Lake

The castles are witness of the civil and religious life that has influenced centuries of history at Lake Garda. From the medieval centuries when castles served as military fortresses in defense of the community able to communicate dangers between each other by signals of fire, to the battles of the Risorgimento and the Spanish secession, when general Vendome literally burned and destroyed the architectural heritage around Lake Garda. From some castles only the ruins remained. Others instead still conserve frescoed walls and a precious architecture that goes from Romanesque to Gothic Lombard style, and from Renaissance to Baroque style

Castello di Moniga: a town castle, built during the invasions of the Hungarians (X century). The walls with ghibelline lace decorations  surround an attractive village which is still inhabited.


Castello di Polpenazze: From rhe ancient fortress, built to defend against Hungarian invasions (X century) remains only the entrance and a section of walls.

 Castello di Soiano: A massive fortified complex, dominating the entire Valtenesi area.

Castello di Puegnago: The ruins of the ancient castle overlook the village of Puegnago

Castello di Pozzolengo: An imposing fortified medieval town that rises on Mount Fluno, in the hinterland of Brescia at the south side  of Lake Garda

Castello di Sirmione:  A large castle completely surrounded by water. From the walls you can admire the picturesque harbor, the ancient retreat of the scaligera fleet.

Castello di Lazise: The castle is privately owned, surrounded by the beautiful park of Villa Bernini. The crenellated walls and towers of the castle give Lazise a real medioeval look even today.

Castello di Torri del Benaco: The impressive Scaliger castle hosts an ethnographic museum of great interest. Towers and walkways offer a superb view over the harbor and the village of Torri

Castello di Desenzano: The castle with its tower structures dominates the city center. It is open to the public after its restauration in 2007

 Rocca di Lonato: The Visconti Castle overlooking Lonato presents itself as one of the most impressive in Lombardy

 Castello di Padenghe: Padenghe is dominated by a medieval castle, which offers a wonderful view of Lake Garda

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